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Tom Schmidt

JudyTom works in most mediums but prefers stone, most notably marble, since 1970. Starting in the early ‘60’s shaping surfboards and working in clay, he soon realized he would be shaping things all his life.

He welcomes commissions and encourages people to be part of the creative process.

Born and raised in Southern California and growing up on the beach he used what was around him for inspiration, waves and surfing. Being a lifelong surfer it was only natural that carving waves is his specialty. When the surf is up he is off doing research.

After envisioning a work either by a dream or a feeling, the stone selection takes place. As a result many pieces are on going. Tom says that if his work evokes an emotion, whether a smile or a frown, warmth or a shiver he determines it to be a success. “I create these works because I have an inner need. It’s not a factory and all pieces are one of a kind”. He is entirely self taught and has developed his own techniques.

Artist’s statement: “People need to lighten up, and I hope when viewing my work you can forget about your worries for a while. If the piece works it should keep you feeling good for years to come. Sculpture is medicine."

Judy Schmidt

TomI am a West Coast Artist living in Ucluelet, when it comes to doing my art work I enjoy doing things with lots of detail, I can see different things in driftwood.

Just one piece of wood can set the whole theme for a birdhouse or village; they are original one of a kind pieces.  A piece of beach glass becomes a flower or tree.

I like to come up with different uses for everyday mediums, like a clothing line out of stain glass. Making whimsical things out of driftwood means walking a lot of beaches looking for treasures shaped by nature. My mobiles in aluminum and brass are objects that swirl and move simulating action that brings them to life.

In school I majored in Art, but my style is self taught.